Updates and improvements to JMServices.

  • February 04, 2023

    Improved API Errors - V3.4P

    This update brings our new API Error Format, previously we used to use the format of { error: true, message: "There was an error" }. Now, our new and improved errors have more information than ever before and will be seen in the format of:

    type: 'error.unauthorized',
    request_id: "REQUEST_ID_HERE",
    errors: [{
    code: '403',
    message: 'You are not authorized to perform this action.',

    Error codes

    • 403 - Unauthorised API transaction, usually seen whenever you try to access a route without the correct permissions or being logged in.


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  • February 01, 2023
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    integrations - V3.3P

    The latest update brings our integrations feature, allowing you and your team to add additional modules to our service and further enhance the experience of the system.

    New Features

    • Ability to enable integrations and access settings related to the Integration.


    • Fixed issues where /jobs routes would shows errors, stating incorrect length.

    • Issues where caching would show incorrect variables on the jobs timeline.

    • Improved 2FA workflow, users can now see logs of when there password was changed and the approx location where the password was changed as an added security feature.

    • Fixed incorrect spelling on the main website.

    Upcoming Features

    • Documentation is in the pipeline, expect full documentation regarding our SDK's for Nodejs, Python, GoLang and more.


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  • January 28, 2023
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    Version 3.2P

    This update brings some new features to the dashboard, the System Settings have been moved to the Settings tab, now all the settings for users, settings and integrations have there own sub-menu separated from the main menu.


    • Fixed issues where caching would not display new data.

    • Moved System Settings to a new sub-menu, on the Settings tab.


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  • January 09, 2023

    Version 3.1P

    Well, we've just released our updated portal version this evening. This latest update comes packed with new behind the scene features. Firstly, our we have switched over to Prisma which has made a huge difference to backend code optimisations and will allow our team to implement new features faster.

    Secondly, we have added caching in for operations controlling System operations, User operations and some modules have the cache system fully implemented via our new DragonflyDB server, enjoy our improved performance benefits.

    This feature has been rolled out to most users, some users still may not experience this feature until it is pushed to all systems.


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • October 27, 2022
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    Version 3 Beta

    After many requests for dark mode, keyboard shortcuts and more our Version Two dashboard has finally been released under our beta domain. Please use your production details which were provided by your company, the beta system uses the same login credentials.

    This system improves on our authentication backend, improving the speed of logins, fetching and creating new items. This is achieved by our new caching system. This system is still in beta, please expect some bugs. We do not recommend this for production use.

    New Features

    • Added support for dark mode.

    • New two factor authentication options added in the settings menu, improved support with Authy 2FA application.

    • New layout for desktop and mobile, improving efficiency for you and your staff.

    • JMSGlobr™ Jobs Map, the latest addition to our JM ecosystem allowing you and your staff to view local jobs using location data.


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

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